Mental Health Clinic Ethical Considerations & Treatment Goals Paper

In this assignment, you will interview a substance use disorder professional who facilitates groups in a mental health clinic.

To prepare for the interview, create a questionnaire of 10-15 questions that you will use during the interview. The following topics must be included in your questionnaire:

Name of the interviewee’s agency
Guidelines for group treatment goals
Limits to content and membership
Appropriate size and leadership of groups
Ethical considerations for the group leader
Recruiting and selection of group members
A description of how the interviewee works with the client and their natural supports
Conduct the interview with the group facilitator at the mental health clinic, documenting the responses to each of the questions.

After the interview, prepare a written summary of both the questions and answers that you obtained. Use your own words when preparing your summary; do not transcribe the interview into the summary. The length of the summary will vary based on the number of questions and answers; however, be sure that the final content of your summary accurately and thoroughly addresses all of the above four topics.

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