Minimum of four citations

For the Session Long Project, you will be exploring your role as a junior faculty member in Higher Education in an online learning environment. The project requires you to examine your role in terms of designing courses for students to ensure that they are provided with a meaningful learning experience in their education. You will also be formulating assessment strategies for the courses you design.

For the third component of Session Long Project (Module 3):

Recall that for Module 2 you developed an online course in Higher Education. For Module 3, discuss how you will assess student performance for the entire course. Be sure to include the following components:

  • If you intend to hold examinations, what will the format of the examinations be?
  • If you do not hold examinations, why would examinations not be necessary or not appropriate?
  • If you will require essays (i.e., papers), what types of essays would you require and why?

Justify the basis for your decisions.

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