Module 3-4 Patient-Provider Relationships

Module 3 Discussion Forum 2

How can this Happen?

Watch this short video on The Shocking truth about Food Insecurity The Shocking Truth about Food Insecurity

In a post of 150-175 words discuss:

What is your reaction to this video? How can this possibly happen in one of the richest countries in the world? What does it say about our country/cities/states, etc. and our ability to provide a quality life for our citizens? Think about this for a few more minutes. Do you see it happening around your community? In your neighborhood? Could it happen?

Module 4 Discussion Forum 1

Patient-Provider Relationships

As you have been reading, health, and health care quality, are often impacted by a number of risk factors. One area that is often overlooked, is the interpersonal aspects of patient-provider communication. Do some library research (i.e., search the databases using such terms as patient-provider concordance, patient-provider communication; patient-provider relationships, etc.) – read about, and then discuss in a post of at least 150-200 words the impact that patient-provider communication can have on health status. (For this assignment, you may look at the provider as a physician, nurse, or other type of healthcare provider/worker).

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