Mr Burns, a Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn –

Topic: Mr Burns, a Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn
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This is an acting critique, using the terms, concepts, and tools from our class work and reading. This is not a research or thesis-statement driven paper. The purpose of the paper is to assess two of the actors in a play you have seen, using the given prompts. Do not analyze the script. The primary questions to ask yourself are: How well did the actors embody their roles? That is, who did you feel acted skillfully (or not) and what did that actor do (or fail to do) to successfully perform their part? Additionally, what did you learn that you could apply to acting your final scene?
You should freely and strongly express your opinion regarding the acting: what did you like and dislike? However, you must justify your position by (a) analyzing the performance using the terms and techniques learned in class and (b) giving evidence from the performance to support your opinion. Be specific: talk about exact moments in the play that demonstrate your point. You will be assessed for your Performance Critique Paper according to the following criteria:
• Content: What you write about. An ‘A’ grade paper: responds excellently to the assignment; communicates your central idea clearly; gives evidence (e.g. the performer’s expression of character choices); analyzes, understands, and evaluates the acting using the supporting materials in the paragraph below.
• Supporting material: Your choice and use of examples to illustrate argument. An ‘A’ grade paper references course terms, in-class exercises, and readings to reinforce ideas. It appropriately and effectively uses this evidence and cites the source of quotations used.
• Organization and coherence: How you express your argument throughout the paper. An ‘A’ grade paper: orders paragraphs so that the argument is developed logically, each paragraph dealing with a different idea; leads reader fluently through ideas, using effective transitional sentences from one paragraph to another; has a concluding paragraph that clearly draws from the preceding material.
• Style: How you express your argument moment by moment. An ‘A’ grade paper: demonstrates that words are chosen for precise meaning and use; uses sentences that are succinct and varied, not long and rambling or repetitive (e.g. do you use the same phrases/words repeatedly?)
• Mechanics: The specifics of your writing. An ‘A’ grade paper demonstrates clear evidence of proofreading: is almost entirely free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors; has excellent use of punctuation; is presented in 12-point font, double-spaced and paginated.
*Nots for the writer:
– As English is my second language, so may use sample words in the whole essay to make it essay to understand, but no grammar mistakes.
– Be sure to give examples of Mr Burns, a Post-Electric Play to support your thought.
– No need to reference any sources since this is not a research paper.

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