MyDietAnalysis (MDA) Part 1

For the first part of the this project you will be required to keep a food record for ALL food and beverages that you consume and your activity for three separate days. If your food and beverage consumption and activity change on the weekends, make sure that one of the three days is a weekend day.

Instructions: Click on the file uploaded for an example of one day

  1. For three days record the following for all the food and beverages that you consume (see example):
  • Time of intake
  • Type of food and the components.
  • Description of each component
  • Amount of each item (and if applicable the components)
  • Whenever possible, measure or weigh portions to ensure accuracy.
  • Record snacks as well as meals and BE HONEST!
  1. Record activity or activity level for each these days.
  2. Make sure to include the date and the day of the week for each day recorded
  3. You can submit this assignment using the “Text submission” option or by converting your records into a pdf file and uploading them using the “Attach file”option.
  4. Below this assignment is an Example food record with an example recall. You can use this as a template or create your own. Just make sure you submit it in the proper text box or as a pdf file, if you choose the attach file option.

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