need 3 discussions done in biology, english, and american govt courses. 2 paragraphs ASAP

biology…Choose an ethical dilemma in the environment today and evaluate it using ALL three ethical perspectives (anthropocentric, biocentric, and ecocentric philosophies). How does the issue change when looked at from these different perspectives? Comment on your classmates’ evaluations and provide your own insights to the issues they present. 2-paragraphs (apa citation)

english…1-2 paragraphs describing the contents of the article (What does the article say? What is the message?); it should be written entirely in your own words. Be sure that each summary includes the title and author of the article you’re discussing. Include the MLA citation

american government… Distinguish among the two concepts of democracy mentioned in the chapter, explaining in which of these senses the textbook refers to American government as democratic. Refer to basic theories of power, liberty, and security. Be sure to cite references as required. 2-paragraphs (apa citation)

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