need an original paper based on epidemiology for public health for a master

Do not write about measle since another paper will be based on this topic. Paper should be original.

Your paper will be a critical examination of a topic within epidemiology using peer reviewed journal articles discussing a current topic in epidemiology (remember the definition of epidemiology).  All proposals must be submitted to me in writing before beginning research.  The paper will contain a description of the problem, history, current state, viewpoints, and possible solutions.  I will look for concise, logical thought on the subject, and use of literature.  The paper will be ten (12) double spaced pages in length; not including your title page, abstract, or bibliography (required).  The paper will be submitted to Safe Assign prior to your presentation. 

Reference Style:Use APA reference style for all sources including interviews, Internet articles and websites, books, magazine articles, journal articles, personal communications, etc. Make sure to cite all sources from which you obtain information to make claims or build arguments. Your papers will be strengthened through using sources from both within and outside the course. Make sure to cite all of these references accurately and completely to avoid violations of the Honor Code and to increase the quality of your work.

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