Neurological intervention, health and medicine homework help

The topic is Multiple Sclerosis

Part I: Etiology, epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical history (if applicable), signs & symptoms, medical treatment, and prognosis. In this section, include a form of media (pictures or video link) attached to your report for visual demonstration to enhance learning and understanding of condition.Provide an explanation and rationale for its use in your paper. (limit to 1-2 pages)

Part II: Include a 1 page summary discussing the effects the condition has on a client’s occupational performance (OTPF).

Part III: Beginning of an intervention plan: Identify and discuss 3 occupational performance areas (priority list). Identify context of service delivery and estimated duration of therapy services; provide national and local resources for client and family. (limit to 1 page).

Note: 1. Paper should be up to 3-4 pages in length, NOT including cover page and reference page. References MUST be from peer reviewed journals (2 required) including the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework

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