NR228 Chamberlain Elementary Schools Menus Nutritional Assessment

Find 2 real elementary schools menus from 2 regions and 2 cultures that includes breakfast, lunch and snack.

I have listed the region and cultures below.

once you have found those menus you are then to create your own 2 elementary school menu comparing them to the ones you have found. Your 2 menus are to have healthier options.

The 2 regions: South and midwest all in the United States.

The 2 cultures are: Jewish and Hispanic

Below are the instructions in detail of what you should do once you’ve found an elementary school menu from the south pertaining to (Hispanic) and midwest pertaining to (Jewish).

Current Menu analysis

a. Analyze the menus that the team has selected based on the following criteria. Provide rationales for your


  1. Identify
    1. Healthy/unhealthy menu selections
    2. Appropriate for nutritional requirements of age group
    3. Influence of cultural and regional food practices
  2. Consider
    1. Does the menu selected provide adequate amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, andminerals?
    2. Over the course of a full day and week, are individuals provided with a balanced diet?
    3. Does this diet allow for differences in dietary patterns related to the culture or age group selected?

4. Create Sample Menu
a. Create a single day’s replacement menu providing healthier choices for each menu analyzed, including the


  1. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options
  2. Age considerations
  3. Potential health concerns
  4. Cultural influences
  5. Regional patterns
  6. Nutritional components of your food choices
  7. Two references that support your choices

5. Compare Menus

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