NUR3846 Miami Dade College How to Use the Neuman System Model Paper

Choose one topic below, then post your response for this discussion.

  • Response should be 300 words or more

Martina is a middle-aged Hispanic woman who brings her family to a local free clinic to obtain medical care. She works part time in a restaurant for minimum wage. She lives in a small apartment with her daughter and four preschool children; her daughter speaks only very broken English. Martina’s medical diagnoses are hypertension, arthritis, and depression.Use the Neuman System Model as a conceptual framework to respond to the following:

  1. Describe the family as a system.
  2. How does the dominant Anglo culture impact on the family’s stability as a system?
  3. What stressors (actual and potential) threaten the family?
  4. What additional assessment data are needed related to Martina’s medical diagnoses?
  5. What additional assessment data are needed related to the family’s health status?
  6. How will cultural differences influence planning for prevention as intervention at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels?
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