Nurses Evacuation Time at Alhasa Hospitals in Saudi Arabia Proposal Paper

Use APA guidlines to my porposal (I have five pages, you should add at least three more pages)

1. develop qualitative and descriptive statistical methodology and add it to the proposal, and find a REAL scholarly peer-reviewed article that tells the acceptable evacuation time during the fire (is it 5 min? less than or more).

given that there are 11 public hospitals at Alhasa, Saudi Arabia, all of them are compromised of at least two level budlings, and we will choose three of them to study the time they need to evacuate from the time of the alarm until they reach the assembly proposal is The examination of evacuation time by nurses at Alhasa hospitals, Saudi Arabia, during fire drills with measured parameter. (attached)

  • Research design – provides the purpose and rational for the selection of a given design.
  • Population and sample – this section specifies the characteristics of the population and sampling procedures to be used to obtain a representative sample.Describes the size of the population and how it can be identified.It further delineates the sampling size as single stage or multistage, how individuals will be selected (random sample) and indicates the number of people in the sample and how they were determined.
  • Instrumentation – Provides information about instrument to be used in data collection such as observation forms, standardized tests, etc.Identifies the instrument(s) to be used and indicates major content sections of the instruments and the discussion of any pilot tests as may be appropriate.
  • Data collection techniques and procedures – contains a detailed description of how the researchers will conduct their study.Describes how the data will be collected:what, when, where, how, who.

2. see the template file and modify the proposal to meet all the requirement (opening statement, methodology, observational, review literature and appendix).

3. discussion of expected outcomes and conclusions

4. add an abstract

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