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Assignment Task:
You must choose an organisation (for example a restaurant, bank, nightclub, pub,
retailer, service-provider or manufacturer, hospital, school, doctors surgery) and
produce a report elaborating on the key strategic and operational issues faced by the
operations manager(s) in this particular organisation. As you are expected to collect
primary data from managers, employees and customers of the organisation, it makes
sense to select a company where you work, have worked or know people who work
The first part of the report should describe the organisation and define its service
concept or product delivery. It should describe the organisational context and identify
the customers and markets supplied by the operation. What service delivery
system(s) or manufacturing process(es) does it use? What infrastructure does it use
to manage these delivery systems? And how, together, do these support the
market(s) that it serves? A detailed and relevant description should be made of the
various components and appropriate diagrams should be used to help explain this.
The section should conclude by highlighting where a problem or an opportunity to
improve may lie.
The second part of the report should analyse the problem or opportunity using
theory, and develop appropriate recommendations to improve performance.
The report should use the following structure:
? An Executive Summary, no more than one page, which summarises the report,
its main findings, and its conclusions.
? A List of Contents including page numbers for easy reference
? A description of the organisation and its business context which describes
the organisation and its context (i.e. market share, customers, competitors)
? Operational analysis of the organisation which highlights where a problem or an
opportunity to improve may lie
? Recommendations for the organisation including a cost benefit analysis,
alternative recommendations, the “what”, “why” and “how”
? References
? Appendices
? Note: The executive summary, references, tables, figures and appendices are
not included in the word count.

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