paraphrase the answers below that correspond to their question

  • paraphrase the answers below that correspond to their question make sure the answers are not the same as the original
  • Describe how animals and fungi differ with respect to nutritional mode.
    • Animals are “heterotrophs and consume preformed organic matter” but animals ingest their food, while fungi are classified as saprotrophs. This means that they absorb their food, sending out digestive enzymes into the environment around them to break down decaying or dead materials. The fungus cells will then absorb any nutrients.
  • Explain how fungal cell walls differ from plant cell walls.
    • Fungal walls have a cell wall that is not made of cellulose, like plant cell walls. Instead, they are made of chitin, which is a polymer of glucose made of micro fibrils with nitrogen containing amino groups attached to it.
  • Describe the function of a fungal spore.
    • The function of the fungal spore is to reproduce. It develops into a new organism without having to fuse or join another reproductive cell. It allows for the fungus to germinate and grow when placed on or finding a viable source of nutrients.
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