peer proposal evaluation

The peer proposal evaluation is meant to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a groups proposal against the standards by which we have operated this semester.

Using the categories you were required to cover for your written and oral projects, discuss the presentation of choice category by category, discussing both the positive and negatives and adding suggestions about what, if anything you would have changed. No presentation is perfect, so there should be no group that is ALL excellent in each category.

These your be well written and REFERENCED as per the norm, and the usual zero for no reference rule applies. Mostly the attached paper will be the reference unless you wished to add anything else.

Good Luck

*If you need anything else let me know. I’m wishing for about 4 pages to 5

*I will attach the Power Point that has the system I want you to evaluate.

*This is the meant format for the evaluation.

You may put the PP as a reference.

Executive Summary
Professional Experience
Problem Definition
Assessment of Critical Factors
Intervention Strategies
Organizational Objectives
SWOT analysis
Administrative Plan
Operational Plan
System Status Plan
One, Three and Five year plans
Plan Evaluation

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