Personal Health And Nutrition Analysis

4. Do you believe you eat too much food? Not enough food? Just the right balance? Explain your perceptions based on your experiences with the readings, what other people have said, your body weight, energy levels – you name it. Try to make as many associations as possible. (Minimum 1 paragraph).

5. Look at the paragraphs you just wrote. Do you believe your diet is in line for a healthy life? Why or why not? Look at examples from the text and make connections to your life. If I do this, this will happen, if I do that, that may happen. (Cite the book, too!!!) (Minimum 1 paragraph).

6. Do you think you could make changes that would be healthier? If so, what are they? Be very clear with this. What would be difficult about making these changes? (Minimum 1 paragraph).

7. There is an economic decision many people make about junk food. “If I throw it away, it’s a waste of food. People are starving in other parts of the country/world.” This is a justification. When consuming junk food, you’re still throwing something away: your health. Would you rather dump the food into the garbage or dump garbage food into your body? Can this thinking change your life? Why is it hard to rid junk food from our lives. Think about this and respond to this with your own thoughts. Feel free to go off tangents and make connections to your own life. (Minimum 1 paragraph).

8. Think about the last time you were in a grocery store, a restaurant, and a mall. What types of food options are available? How easy or hard is it to choose healthy options? What barriers or road blocks are in the way that make it easier to choose unhealthy options? Do you believe the United States food environment is helping or hurting people’s desire to be healthy? Explain. (Minimum 1 paragraph).

9. Shows like The Biggest Loser encourage people to exercise for hours a day and cut calories to a minimal amount. Recent research has shown that this dramatic drop in calories and spike in exercise can slow the metabolism indefinitely, leading to easier weight gain in the future. USING YOUR TEXT (and citing), what are better ways to cut calories in a steadier manner? Should people who want to lose weight eat throughout the day? What about exercise? How much is a good amount? Base all of your answers on your gender and age. (Minimum 1 paragraph).

10. Conclusion: Analyze how important you believe a healthy diet is in your own life. Think of the health complications you’ve read in the textbook, seen family go through, and overall the life you want to lead. For #10, you will choose ONE of the following prompts: (Minimum 2 paragraphs)

Option 1: Write a motivating message for change to your current self about your eating habits. The goal is to write in a way that can persuade you to move away from unhealthy eating habits into healthier habits. Include steps for change that are realistic and well thought out (which may include when and where to shop, how to prevent yourself from making unhealthier choices, prevention of laziness, etc.) Don’t be afraid to include information about exercise, too.

Option 2: Write a message as if you are 10, 20, or 30 years older than you are right now. Write it as if you are continuing the path of eating habits that you’re currently on without changing anything. What do you think your older self would say? What kind of body image, lifestyle, medical conditions, and physical abilities do you think your older self will have based on the eating habits you have today? Depending on your current habits, this can be either positive or negative. Get real with yourself and think deeply about your future based on the behaviors and patterns you have going today.

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