Personal Insurance –

Personal Insurance
Assignment 4 Exercises
Chapters 7 & 8
Due no later than 11:59 pm, Sunday, May 15
Directions and Information: Please read very, very carefully.
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? Type your answers under each question. Your answer can be any length and don’t have to fit into the space allotted.
? Your answer to each question must be thoroughly detailed and written in complete sentences, using proper English grammar and correct spelling.
? Please do not put your answers in another document or retype this one. This sheet is the only acceptable format.
? When you’re finished with the assignment, submit the entire document, including instructions, to the eCollege Dropbox basket labeled Assignment 4. Instructions for using the Dropbox are under “Course Home.”
Chapter 7 Application Questions
1. Sally has a DP-3 policy to insure her rural dwelling and personal property. Limits for Coverages A and C are listed on her Declarations page, and she paid the appropriate premium. She purchased no additional endorsements. For each of these situations, explain whether coverage would be provide and, if so, identify the applicable coverage(s):
a. Sally’s toaster malfunctioned and caused a fire in her kitchen while she was working outside. Before the fire department from the neighboring city could respond, her kitchen and appliance sustained extensive damage from the fire and smoke. Silverware, dishes, $500 cash, and other items of personal property in the kitchen were destroyed. The remainder of the dwelling sustained smoke damage. Sally purchased a large, heavy tarp to cover the damaged area of her roof to avoid further damage to the property. She was forced to rent an apartment until the damage was repaired.
b. An invited guest to Sally’s dwelling tripped on a rug in the hallway and fell, breaking his arm.
c. While Sally was at work, her dwelling was broken into and someone stole her personal computer, her television, $3,000 worth of jewelry and $1,000 in cash and bank notes.
d. Sally returned from work one day to find her storm door shattered and a hole in the etced-glass window of her front door. She found a rock lying among the glass shards on her living room floor.
e. One afternoon, Sally’s sewer backed up while she was doing laundry because of tree roots that had grown into the drain and caused a blockage. Her basement carpet in the adjoining room was damaged by the backup of sewer water.
2. Josh, a single father, owns a home where he lives with his two children, Lisa, age three, and Mia, age eleven. Josh has an ISO DP-3 policy on the home. On May 25, a fire caused extensive smoke damage to the interior of the house and its furnishings; Josh’s DP-3 covered the damage. While the home was being repaired, Josh rented an apartment for his family to stay in for $1,200 a month. Because Mia was to spend the entire month of July at camp, Josh enrolled Lisa in a daycare center located near the apartment. Although the house became habitable July 15, Josh and Lisa remained in the apartment until Mia returned on August 1. Explain how Josh’s insurer would handle their additional living expenses for that period.
3. A house insured by an ISO DP-3 policy was vacant for a month and then was burglarized. The thief broke the framing of a door to get in and damaged several kitchen cabinet drawers while searching for valuables. What is covered?
Chapter 8 Application Question
1. Larry sold his home and most of his furniture. He is spending at least two years traveling by bicycle across the United States and Europe. He is traveling with camera equipment valued at $8,000. He also placed some furniture, books and personal possessions in a self-storage unit. What personal inland marine policies can Larry purchase to cover his property?
2. Explain whether each of the following losses would be covered by a typical personal umbrella policy.
a. Until police arrived, the insured detained a youth falsely accused of stealing a racing bike. The police later arrested the actual thief. The youth’s parents sued the insured for the false arrest of their son.
b. The insured owns a small bakery and is sued when an employee severely burns his hand when an oven’s handle falls off.

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