Persuasive Claim: Double Payment for Air Conditioner –

Persuasive Claim: Double Payment for Air Conditioner
Your company recently purchased a Solana Model AC400 window air conditioner for your small business office. At the time of the purchase, the salesperson wrote up the bill for the wrong unit. You discovered the error, and the clerk canceled the initial bill and wrote a new charge slip. Months later in looking over the bills, you noticed that your company had paid two bills for an air conditioner: one for the correct charge and one for the wrong unit. Your bookkeeper paid both bills without checking. You called the seller, a national chain, but you had to endure many irritating levels of telephone menus. When you finally talked to someone, she said the erroneous charge of $1501.86 would be removed from your next month’s statement. It wasn’t. You have no complaint about the air conditioner, but you don’t want to pay for it twice.
Your Task. Write a claim letter to Customer Service Manager, National Appliance Sales, 1301 North Jackson Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Provide any necessary information. Sign your name and give yourself a title. Assume you are using company stationery

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