Peru and Latvia

Using resources from the World Bank at (click on “Data”), find the level of economic well-being of the two populations and assess changes over time for the same dates for which you have demographic data. Are there any discernible trends in the relationship between population changes and economic changes in the country? What is the government position with respect to economic development and population growth? Can you assess the influence of the current age/sex structure on the future development prospects? Using the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization’s data at, determine the level of food production, and trends over time. What are the principal products grown? What are the levels of imports and exports of major agricultural products? Has per-person production been increasing? Has the number of tractors been increasing? Has the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other concomitants of the Green Revolution been increasing over time? Has the amount of arable land been increasing or decreasing? Has the acreage devoted to forest been declining? Using a resource such as the Ecological Footprint calculations for countries (see, for example, ), evaluate the likely environmental impact of population growth in each country.

The two countries are Peru and Latvia

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