physics general questions

What is the main constituent of coal gas?

A. Oxygen
B. Water
C. Nitrogen
D. Methane

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12. Recoil of a gun is an example of

A. Conservation of mass
B. conservation of energy
C. conservation into KE
D. conservation of linear momentum

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13. What is the heaviest of the naturally occurring Noble gases?

A. Radon
B. Xenon
C. Helium
D. Argon

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14. Aviation fuel for Jet aero planes consists of purified

A. Petrol
B. Kerosene
C. Gasoline
D. Diesel

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15. A piece of stone and or iron traveling through space that moves through the earth’s atmosphere is

A. Planet
B. Sun
C. Moon
D. Meteor

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16. Which one of the following common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction?

A. Tube light
B. Transformer
C. Photodiode
D. Led

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17. Dc current can be controlled by which one of the following components?

A. Impedance
B. Resistance
C. Capacitance
D. Inductance

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