PICO Question Does limited use of sedation drugs with limited length of stay in critical care reduce delirium in critically ill patients compared to patient who are not on sedation drugs in the ICU?

P: Adult critical care patients.

I:Implement policies and interventions to reduce and eliminate ICU delirium.

C: Patients who are not on sedation drugs in the ICU.

O: Decrease the incidence or even eliminate delirium in ICU patients and decrease the length of stay of patients in the ICU.


You basically have no information in the strategy used, including limits. Your work so far has not been at the level expected for graduating from a Master’s program. Here is an example from another student of what should be included from just 1 data base (This type information should be included from each database):

Initial search strategy was to search articles between 2015-2019 that contained the key words “diagnosis of PCOS”; “PCOS in adolescents” resulted in 75; “control trials of PCOS and nursing” which narrowed the results to 1; “quantitative and qualitative in PCOS” resulted in 3. Search included Peer review, full text, RCTs., Qualitative & Quantitative studies. Only English journals were included. Research was narrowed down to focus on diagnosis and weight management/behavior health modification. Only women of child bearing age and adolescents were included. Girls younger than 12 and women above 49 years of age were excluded. Other variables included obesity and body mass index (BMI).

I will give you one opportunity to revise this assignment. In the future, you will need to complete assignments as required and revisions will not be allowed. Please revise and submit into the late box. Send me an email when you submit the assignment.

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I have reviewed your Assignment #3 and it is obvious that you did not read the Instructions located on the Content page for Assignment #3. If I were to grade your Assignment #3 as it is, you would fail. Therefore, I am asking you to review the Instructions and grading rubric for the assignment and resubmit Assignment #3 by Friday. If not submitted by Friday 11:59 pm, you will receive the grade for the information submitted at this time.
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