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Assignment 1 Description
You are asked to write 2 page paper on the following theme:
Identify and quote a definition of distance education from the literature that most closely matches that of your own. Examine each of the individual characteristics identified within the definition
and explain their relevance to distance education, using references to scholarly resources to support your arguments. In addition, provide an explanation of why you have chosen the
Assignment 2 Description
You are asked to write an essay of 5 pages on the following theme:
Choose two distance education institutions or training providers from two different countries—one from a developed country and one from a developing country
Assignment 3 Description
You are asked to write an essay of 5 pages on ONE of the following themes:
1. Discuss how earlier distance education theories such as transactional distance, andragogy, and/or industrialization have influenced current DE practice.
2. Find and use at least 3 scholarly journal articles about connectivism, social presence, community of inquiry, or heutagogy (choose one). Explain the theory and its application within

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