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Assignments 1 and 2 were based around developing and then implementing an innovative response to an issue in your workplace involving an action learning approach. (Assignment 2 is attached so you can build on it).
The final assignment (this order) consists of 2 parts:
Part 1: Presentation
The first part of this task is to prepare a presentation that outlines the ‘findings’ of your initiative to a group or an audience. The presentation should describe what the principal outcomes have been and
document some recommendations for future action.
By findings we mean the results and outcomes from the implementation of your innovation in assignments 1 and 2. You can include graphics as well as a brief outline of your results and outcomes. Around 10-13 slides would be appropriate.
The presentation should be suitable for communicating with a wider audience. The creative use of contemporary communication technologies is encouraged.
Part 2: Paper (800 words)
The second part of this task is to write a “process evaluation” (approximately 800 words) on your innovation activity. Discuss the strengths and challenges associated with developing, implementing and reporting on your initiative. The focus here is on evaluating the process you undertook rather than results. Then critically discuss the
following elements:
1. Why the innovation activity did or did not meet its aims and objectives.
2. Were there any unintended outcomes as a result of this innovation activity
3. Did the project deviate from its original plan
4. Discuss the effectiveness of the action learning process in implementing your innovation
5. How you might implement the action learning process differently
next time?
Justify your response with evidence from the scholarly literature, course material, class discussions, and your own reflections.
IMPORTANT: You need to consider the innovation activity I considered in Assignment 2, i.e. Edgenuity online learning platform or technology implementation in educational institutions. Please don’t discuss the topic generally. The assignment is more-like a case study.

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