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Topic: Production: Editing and Workflow
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You are required to write an essay which critically analyses the editing process across both factual and fiction production, using examples drawn from the films and television programmes listed below. As well as considering the importance of editing in relation to the narrative, you should refer to it’s effect on mood, pacing and tone, as well as it’s impact on the depiction of time and space.
( You should also reflect on the editing you have carried out in this module, and how your own practices relate to (or differ from) the examples you highlight. You should critically evaluate your own progress with reference to the professional work in the exemplar productions). just give examples on what would you do in a drama edit and a documentary edit and how its comparing to the movie or tv program that you have chosen from the list.
You must refer to at least one factual production and at least one fictional example from the list below, and both drama and documentary work from your own editing practice.
this is the list you can chose from …
Factual Film
Bowling for Columbine (d. Michael Moore, 2002) Factual Television
The Jinx (d. Andrew Jarecki, 2015)
Drama Film
Secrets and Lies (d. Mike Leigh, 1996) Drama Television
Fargo (d. Adam Bernstein, 2014)
list of references that will help…
Bordwell, David & Thompson, Kristen (2013) Film Art: An Introduction (10th Edition) McGraw-Hill
Dmytryk, Edward (1984) Construction. Focal Press
Pearlman, Karen (2013) Murch, Walter (2001) Rabiger, Michael(1998)
On Film Editing : an Introduction to the Art of Film
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In the Blink of an Eye ( 2nd Edition.) Silman-James
Directing the Documentary 3rd Edition. Focal Press Bowen, Christopher J & Thompson, Roy (2009) Grammar of the Edit (3rd edition). Focal Press.

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