Project Management

In the following project (Figure 1), a simple warehouse is to be constructed. The building consists of a receiving area, shipping, order picking, order assembly area, storage, miscellaneous area and office. After 10 weeks of starting the construction, the project planner has reviewed the work progress of the activities in the project. The objectives are to follow the project plan, monitor actual site execution and keep track of resources, compare actual versus planned progress and take corrective actions at any stage.

The resource bank involves crane, excavator, material, and labor resources are given in the attached “ENGG 0004_Coursework 2-Data_Spring 18” Word File. List of project activities, duration’s, logical relationships, and list of required resources are given in Table 1. On the other hand, the actual data obtained from the site is given in Table 2.


1. Use Microsoft Project to construct Gantt chart and observe the project duration and project due date (If the project duration (according to the contract) more than the Microsoft Output, Discuss the benefits for the contractor from that gap).

2. After assigning resources to all tasks with required quantities, discuss the project duration before and after levelling, and discuss the main problems associated with resources.

3. According to the project data, only 8 cranes are available for the work and each activity has to be completed without break. Manually allocate resources and find the minimum project duration (for crane resource only and neglect others).

4. Discuss and print the Earned Value Table and the Tracking Gantt Chart by using Ms Project.

5. It is required to calculate BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, CV, and SV for the project manually, comment on the progress of the project and compare it with Ms Project results.

6. As a project manager, what options you have if the project schedule exceeds the required completion date?


  • The project start date must be 1st July, 2018.
  • Customize the project calendar as only Friday and Saturday are non-working days per week, and 8 working hours per day.
  • Update the information of the project resources as follows: (it will be attached as “update project resource”)
  • Project tracking date is 9th September 2018.
  • Any missing data can be reasonably assumed.

  • ** Total word Count = 2000 words.

    ** In-text Citation and References Using CU Harvard Style.

    ** Figure 1 is attached.

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