Promoting Good Self-Perception, Positive Behavior, and Mental Wellness –

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Growth and development issues have a tremendous impact on self-perception, behavior, and mental wellness in pediatric patients. It is important for children to have a realistic perception of where
they are in terms of growth and development to function socially and to have good overall health. A negative self-perception may cause children to develop behavioral and mental health issues or may
make existing issues less manageable. In your role as the provider, you must promote good self-perception, positive behavior, and mental wellness in children. You must also support parents by
offering strategies that will help their children understand themselves and grow into happy, healthy young adults.
Post a brief explanation of one common self-perception, one behavior, and one mental health issue for the age group selected. explain strategies for mitigating each issue that promote good self-
perception, positive behavior, and mental wellness in this age group. Explain how you might educate parents on implementing these strategies with their children. Finally, suggest resources that you
might recommend to parents for additional education and/or support.

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