Pros and Cons of Advertising for a Position

There are two parts to the course project assignment for

Earlier in this course, the job analysis and job description were completed, so now you will move ahead and start recruiting for the position of Information and Record Clerk.

  • A decision will need to be made where you should advertise for this position.
  • In order to understand how to recruit, you will post this position both internally and externally.

Part 1: Prepare a table that compares the pros and cons of hiring for this position internally and externally. Analyze the pros and cons and make a recommendation on whether the position would best be recruited internally or externally and support your decision with your reasons.

Part 2: Write an ad for the position.

  • You will want to be creative but honest about the job, and you want to attract people to apply who are qualified.
  • Include a list of where you will place this ad and be sure to find at least three locations.
  • If one location is a website, include the web address.
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