Race Genetics and Medicine Discussion

choice 1: Race, Genetics, and Medicine

The Atlantic published an article that delves into the study of genetics and race. The article, written by a graduate student in anthropology, looks at how race is related to medical outcomes. For example, white Americans on average live several years longer than African Americans. While medical researchers have pursued a biological explanation, the writer proposes a cultural explanation instead. This discussion topic will examine this well-written and fascinating article.

Read “Genes Don’t Cause Racial-Health Disparities, Society Does” (Silverstein, 2015) and answer the following questions.

Initial Post

Answer each question.

  1. What is one quote from the article, a sentence or two, that you found especially interesting?
  2. How does the quote connect to something you learned in class, or something from your own experience?

The initial post should be at least 200 words. Have your initial post by the end of Wednesday.


  1. Read the posts of at least two other students who shared a quote from the article.
  2. Add to the conversation by asking a question or sharing your own related experience or example.
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