Radiographic Appearance of Aspirin Burns Essay

include 3 sources 1 of them needs to be a peer reviewed journal. no more than 3 pages, proper apa style, this is for dental hygiene, ideas need to be arranged logically with purpose, clearly linked and flow smoothly from 1 section to another, sentences are well phrased and follow a line of reasoning. paper is correctly formatted paragraph form 12 pt. font, double spaced 1 in margins, word choice is consistently precise and accurate. writing must be free of errors, typos, grammatical errors, plagiarism.

body of paper must include:

common location

histological appearance

radiographic appearance

special diagnostic tests

clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, prognosis (can it be cured or maintained ?)

end the report with the role of the dental hygienist

dental treatment modifications and additional associated dental or medical complications

review latest drug therapies, treatments, research

introduction should include general description of lesion, condition, frequency of occurrence, ( and whether any one sector of population is more likely to have this lesion)

APA style format 3 full pages not including cover page or source page

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