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Raisin in the Sun – Short Essays/(Raisin in the Sun, entire screenplay)
Directions: Be thorough in responding to the writing prompts (plan a minimum of 75 words for each question with examples from the text, where appropriate, and demonstration of academic language usage). Cite any sources, other than your opinion, that you use for analyzing this play.
Raisin in the Sun Short Essay Questions
1. Why did the author refer to Langston Hughes’ “Harlem”–or “Raisin in the Sun”–poem? In what ways does the poem’s theme show itself in the conclusion of Ms. Hansberry’s play?
2. Choose one of the characters in the play, and define his or her dreams and what they represent for each character.
3. Pick one of the following symbols (or motifs—which are recurring symbols) and describe its meaning in the play along with an example (cite where you found it): a) the plant, b) sunlight, c) Mama, d) Beneatha’s change of hair style, d) Ruth’s repeated refrain, “Eat your eggs,” e) Walter’s name, f) the worn-out apartment, g) the head of the family, h) home, i) the insurance money, or i) another item that you identify.
4. Describe the main conflict of the play from either the standpoint of Walter or Mama. How are their concerns different?
5. Describe Walter as he turns down Mr. Lindner’s money for the house. What is his motivation for doing so? What are the consequences or effects (positive and/or negative) of his actions?
6. Describe influences from Hansberry’s life that appear in her writing. Explore your text, MLL (e.g., About the Author, Links, Literary Theories), and other resources to build additional background for answering this question. Be sure to cite your sources.

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