Read very short articles and answer questions,Follow grading rubric closely for guide

In this first critical reflection assignment, you will use the Henrietta Lacks case (identify one ethical issue from this case you are most interested in (SEE FIRST AND SECOND LINKS BELOW) and one other content area or topic we have learned about in our readings that you want to reflect upon (SEE THIRD LINK). For your area of focus from the Henrietta Lacks case and the concept or content area you have chosen from previous course readings, reflect on and write about your responses to the following questions: immortal-life-of-henrietta-lacks-the-sequel.html of-research-henrietta-lacks-family-is-asked-for-consent.html

For each topic, you should write between 400-500 words or about a page and a half for each topic. (or a a total of 800-1,000 words for both topics-about 3 typed pages for the entire assignment) Divide your paper into the two topics you are going to cover and use the 4 questions above as your subheadings. For example, “What did you learn?” would be your first subheading. You can begin the first sentence of that section with “I learned that…..”.

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