replection paper

Three times during the semester you are expected to submit what I call a “short reflection paper.” That paper should make an argument or explore a theme of your choice cutting across the three previous weeks’ readings (e.g. the short reflection paper due at the close of week 6 should address readings from weeks 4, 5, and 6). Your short reflection papers do not need to deal with every single reading from that period, but should address at least one from each week within the period. You can also bring in other readings or data if you wish. These assignments should be in the neighborhood of 1,500 words. Chapter 8,9,10 are from Sparling, Donald W.2014.Natural Resource Administration: Wildlife, Fisheries, Forests and Parks.Academic Press: San Diego, CA and Chapter 13 is from Layzer, Judith A. 2015.The Environmental Case: Translating Values into Policy. 4th edition.CQ Press:Thousand Oaks, CA. I can appropriately cite the reference from Layzer as I have the digital copy of the book. *NO PLAGIARISM* Please check for plagiarism when completed

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