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We continually talk about how risk is an everyday part of our lives but fail to explain how we mitigate that risk. A minute example would be driving a car. Obviously going 80mph in a steal box is dangerous. In order to mitigate and minimize the risk we experience, we simply put on our seatbelts. This can also be applied on a larger scale to the critical infrastructure of the United States.

You asked us to not forget the single greatest threat to our infrastructure: neglect. Yet, our electric grid has been neglected for decades. The American Society of Civil Engineers just gave our entire energy infrastructure a grade of D+ since much of it is 40 years or older and needs to be replaced (Rhodes, 2017). Consisting most of powerplants, transmission lines and transformers, the United States must mitigate our decaying and neglected infrastructure in favor of cleaner energy for the future.

In recent political news, in order to mitigate the effect of green house gases and curb global warming, newly elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) unveiled the Green New Deal which calls for removal of fossil fuel usage, upgrading or replacing “every building” in the country and overhauling transportation to limit the use of air travel. She also suggests removing “farting cows.” While bovine flatulence shockingly contributes to a significant portion of greenhouse gases and global warming, it remains unlikely that America’s 100 million cows will be exterminated any time soon (Breuninger, 2019). Regardless of the farting cows, mitigation remains a key component to AOC’s strategy within the Green New Deal and seeks to limit global warming.

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