Report Writing

My major is Control & Instrumentation System Engineering

The report is about Industrial Cybersecurity (Problem & solution), (Causes, effects & recommendation)

I didn’t choose a title so far (choose a title / topic which has elements of both your major, and the theme.)

  • Report
    • 1500 words (±200) (500 words today, more 300 on wednesday, the rest on friday)
    • Six sources
    • APA6 referencing
    • 2 Outlines
    • 6 sources 2 of them are books
  • Progress Report (due in 10 Oct)(I have sample)
    • Introduction
    • WORK COMPLETED (i.Sources ii.Preliminary outline iii. Source evaluations)
    • The Report Overall
  • Reference and In-text citation
    • Choose 6 of your sources 2 of them are books, and use citation machine to write the full reference.
    • Read your source quickly, identify some relevant information, and write 3 sentences (summary/paraphrase) with an in-text citation.
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