Research paper on diagnostic and screening tool utilized for the treatment or assessment of Lyme disease

1. Introduction

(i) Importance of screening for Lyme disease (LD)

(ii) Brief overview of all available testing methods for LD and how and when they are used

(iii) Screening to determine infection

(iv) Confirmatory Testing

2. Detailed description of the 2 steps Test (Procedure)

(i) Frequency of use compared to other tests

(ii) Reasons for its preferred use (e.g. simplicity, cost, comfort, etc.)

3. Performance Characteristics of the 2-step test

(i) Sensitivity

(ii) Specificity

(iii) Positive and Negative Predictive Values

(iv) Performance in relation to prevalence and specific populations

4. Cost benefit of the Test on the Healthcare System

5. Proposed ways to improve test performance

APA format with appropriate in text citation including the page no for example (Barney, 2018, p.22).

3 pages

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