Research Paper on Nicotine Addiction among young teens and adults

Hello I need a research paper done for my Medical Anthropology class. The paper’s topic is Nicotine Addiction among young teens and young adults. This paper will be focusing on adolescents who are around the US and are getting addicted to nicotine. I will also be talking about the different strategies that are being used for these adolescent to quit using nicotine that is affecting their health. The paper needs to employ one of the theoretical perspective in Medical Anthropology. It must critically approach your theme from the perspective of medical anthropology and use key medical anthropological theory/concepts to interpret the topic. The paper will have an introduction followed by sections that explore specific aspects of the topic. The conclusion to summarize the main points. Please do not Plagiarize!!


Introduction: Explains significance of the issue

Sections in the paper that explore the topic with Medical Anthropological Perspective

Conclusion: Summarizes the main points of the paper

10 ACADEMIC (Peer Reviewed) outside sources (I already have 3 I will post below, you will need to find 7 more)

Paper must be 8-9 pages with APA citations

Please do not Plagiarize!! In text Citations and References!

If you have any questions while typing the paper please let me know! I will answer all questions! I have posted below the 3 references on to this. Again PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Thank you!

1. Russell, M. A. H. (1990). The nicotine addiction trap: a 40-year sentence for four cigarettes. British Journal of Addiction, 85(2), 293–300.

2. Trauth, J., McCook, E., Seidler, F., & Slotkin, T. (2000). Modeling adolescent nicotine exposure: Effects on cholinergic systems in rat brain regions. Brain Research, 873(1), 18-25. doi:10.1016/S0006-8993(00)02465-3

3. Sir, A., & ÖZkan, M. (1998). Nicotine dependency of a girl at the age of 18 months. Addiction Biology, 3(4), 483-484. doi:10.1080/13556219872038

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