research paper outline

The Teaching Learning presentation you will select will be unique to you. Discuss and receive approval from the stockholders in your clinical facility. Please consult your preceptor initially. The topic must be appropriate and significant for staff or clients’ needs. To help you get started, submit a teaching outline to your clinical faculty by the fourth week of the course. The written outline should include:

  • Problem Statement
  • Two goals
  • Three behavioral objectives
  • Teaching strategies may include
    • Poster board
    • PowerPoint® presentation
    • Other visual aids
  • Action Plan/Evaluation tool methods
    • Pretest
    • Posttest
    • Return demonstration
  • Implications for Nursing Practice
  • 4 -6 Evidence Based References
  • APA 6th Edition format

follow this outline. The teaching strategy is going to be a (poster board).. Needs to be plagiarism free and with 6 references . I will put an example so you can guide yourself. The project is going to be about (Fall precautions), create this outline about fall cautions to decrease fall risk and falls in the hospital. APA 6 edition

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