Respiratory disorder Case study

Work up a CASE STUDY that begins with a chief complaint commonly seen in primary care based on RESPIRATORY DISORDER.

The case should be clear and include all elements of a normal case that might be presented in class (SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT AND FULL FIVE POINT PLAN).

The case should be clear, organized, and meet the following guidelines:

Work up includes:

* Chief complaint, PMHx, Demographics, PSHx, allergies, lifestyle

* Associated risk factors/demographics that contribute to the chief complaint (RESPIRATORY) and differential diagnoses

* Three common differential diagnoses represented by the CC including pathophysiology and rationale;

* Discuss how the three differential diagnoses differ from each other in: occurrence, pathophysiology and presentation (NOTE: Simply listing the diagnoses and their occurrence, pathophysiology and presentations separately does not confer an understanding of how they differ. Your discussion should compare and contrast these items against each other among the three differentials chosen);

* Relevant testing required to diagnose/evaluate severity of the three differential diagnoses; and

* Review of relevant National Guidelines related to the Diagnosis and Diagnostic testing for these diagnoses

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