respond to discusion post using 2 professional responses with APA format

Respond to this discusion post agreeing the the ideas discused and adding insight to the discusion below

One leader that stands out is one of great discipline, and passion for the population that she serves. Marquis and Houston (2017) describes her style as a democratic leader, one in which “egos are motivated, direction through suggestion is guided, and decisions making involves input from the team, communication is plentiful, and criticism is constructive” (p.47). This leader strikes me as a no nonsense leader, and yet, the majority of her staff appreciates her leadership style. There will be critics, of course, in all organizations who feels that leadership lacks on some various level. These employees cannot withstand her commanding powers and subsequently, find employment elsewhere. This leader and administrator once told me that she purposefully put staff in uncomfortable situations with a ton of resources. Benoliel and Somech (2014) states these employees make better decisions, and facilitate successful outcomes. Ultimately, these employees excel and are great in these forced roles. This greatness presents in positive patient outcomes. Most importantly, those staff members usually grow in their professional and personal careers, as they had identified some qualities not otherwise noted.

I appreciate her no nonsense leadership style, however; her confrontational and get it out of the way attitude often leads to misinterpretation of situations. Although she likes to remove things from her plate, she often tackles problems head on and gathers information as she works through the problem. This author likes to have all her information to make areasonabledecision, and therefore, I would not apply that leadership quality in my work atmosphere.

The democratic leadership style can be very effective in the healthcare setting. Leadership styles affect may areas in the organization including employee attitudes, values and behaviors (Azaare and Gross, 2011). This leadership style represents those experienced, professional employees who need little direction, and can work with discernment. The positive effects on patient care are evident, as employees set their own realistic, achievable goals to work through for a set amount of time. For example, the team develops a goal of vaccinating all adolescents with at least one dose of HPV vaccine. The team can use which ever strategy it likes and works collectively to achieve the goal with the support from their leader.

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