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75-100 words, APA format, 1 peer reviewed Journal scholarly source


Nickitas (2016) opens up the discussion of the global health agenda as a challenge to many but also presents with many opportunities to engage in the ever-changing environment of cultures and geopolitical forces emerging. Nurses have the opportunity to approach these changes in a professional manner, showing compassion and advocating for social justice. Nickitas (2016) presents an opportunity for nurses to get involved and empower others with their education, experience, and competence, the involvement would be in the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030. On a smaller scale, there are everyday opportunities in your community or workplace to spread education on the evolving global health agenda and diversity.

Multiculturalism and diversity practices should start during nursing education and be present throughout. Beard (2016) presents a policy reform in nursing education, termed: Multicultural education; this type of education promotes an atmosphere of academic excellence and equality for students and teachers, calling this “culturally responsive learning environments.” Starting at the education level will help these nurses feel empowered to spread multicultural awareness and practices to there individual organizations and continue to spearhead further policy and education in this area (Beard, 2016).

This course brought a number of different opinions forward through the discussion posts and group projects. As a nurse practitioner, there will be differencing of opinions, especially at a political level and with the ongoing health care reform struggle, but it will be important to keep an open mind and know who is in the forefront of it all – the patient. Kooienga and Carryer (2015) explain how important the nurse practitioner role will be on a global level of primary care; this progressive body of individuals have what it takes to use the education and meaningful practice to cross borders and provide culturally competent and exclusive care for all.

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