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rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, and pathos).
Analyze and compare the three attached essays and comment on their effectiveness in the following areas: (A) thesis statements, (B) evidence, and their (C) rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, and pathos).
Identify the essay that you thought was most effective. Explain why.
Assignment 5-2
Assume you are teaching high school juniors about APA resources. Compare the benefits and shortcomings of two APA style guide Websites. Provide the names of the Websites and the URLs in the discussion.
Assignment 6-1
Assume you are an instructor of Freshman Composition 101. Provide two reasons students need to document sources. Provide support for each reason.
Explain why plagiarism is prevalent and recommend a way for college professors to prevent it.
Assignment 6-2
Recommend two digital tools for collaboration and explain their benefits. Include the URL for each tool.
Identify and explain ways to improve a peerís paper. Discuss benefits from conducting a peer review and from having peers review your

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