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this is a full research essay and we had to select a song related to a social political issue. I chose same love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.I dd turn in an annotated works cited draft sheet which I do not know yet if it is correct. I can send these documents so I get the help I need and the writer has information on my work. it has to be in MLA ans there can not be any plagiarized work because the professor works with
“Gay people are born into, and belong to, every society in the world. They are all ages, all races, and all faiths. They are doctors and teachers, farmers and bankers, soldiers and athletes. And whether we know it or whether we acknowledge it, they are our family, our friends, and our neighbors. Being gay is not a Western invention. It is a human reality.” Hillary Clinton. Have you ever feel like you are in a world where you have to be who society wants you to be and not who you really are? Many people is born with a label on their foreheads, a label that tell them who they are supposed to be, a male or a female. But, what if one does not feel attached to their label? What if what the society says does not apply to one? Macklemore, who wrote this song not only for his uncle who is gay, or to make an awareness of marriage equality, but also to stop the use of the word “Gay” as a derogative term among our society. And Mary Lambert, who herself is gay. This song begs society for an equality among gay people and for respect for them.
I agree how the authors address the issue, and I agree on giving gay people the equality that by constitution they deserve not only now but from the beginning of their existence. It is time to give them back what they have fought too hard for without having to, because we as a society have known they have been equal to any heterosexual since the constitution of the United States was written.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. “Same Love.” The Heist. Macklemore LLC. 2012. Digital Download.
Newman Bernie and Peter Gerard. “The Effects of Traditional Family Values on the Coming out Process of Gay Male Adolescents. “Adolescence.28.109 (1993):213-26.ProQuest Central. Web.4 November 2015.
This article talks about how adolescent’s racial identity and traditional family values influence the upcoming process. It includes a gradual acceptance and integration of a say identity. Homosexuals begin the process of experiencing “difference “during childhood. Gays and lesbians frequently experience confusion because most children are encouraged by society to become heterosexuals. During the stage of acceptance, the person moves from an awareness of some sex attraction to the acknowledgement that he or she is gay or lesbian.
This source is very helpful for my essay because it gives the reader an understanding of how recognizing one’s sexual identity starts at adolescence and how the influence of racial and ethnic identification is involved during the process of acceptance as homosexuals.
This article’s purpose is to study and define the stages of the coming out process.
Stolberg Ian and Donald Thacker.”Epistemological Frameworks, Homosexuality, and Religion. “Social Work.51.2 (2006): 189-90.ProQuest Central. Web.8 November 2015.
This article talks about how many people of faith understand reality as it intersects the issue of homosexuality. Both in the wider culture and in social work. The author talks about how we as a society have a wider and effective to an increasingly diverse society and to remain grounded in the ethics and social work towards gays.
I think what the author is trying to tell us readers, is how people of faith understand the issue between homosexuality and religion. He talks about David Hodges, which is a famous writer who expressed badly about homosexuality and how in his words, homosexualism is a “choice.”
This source’s purpose is to persuade readers that the article wrote by David Hodge is biased and omitted critical facts in a commentary about fact based policy.
Rocero, Geena.” Why I Must Come Out.” TEDTalks. Films On Demand.2010 Lecture.
Geena decided to come out as a transgender after coming to the United States. She talks about how lucky she is to have her family support. Geena was born a boy, and had surgery to become a woman when she was still living in the Philippines, where she is originally from. Not too many people brake free from their true self. LGBT community has 9% more rate of suicides than heterosexuals due to rejection from society and family.
I enjoyed this TED talk a lot; personally, I know a transgender friend and I completely agree with the speaker when she says they do not choose to born in the wrong body because deep inside they know they are not who they were born to be. Specially inside our Hispanic culture, homosexualism is not accepted at all.
Her purpose is to help others live their truth without shame or terror. Her goal is to help gays accept themselves and to help society accept them for who they truly are.
Colichman, Paul. N.p. 2015. Website. 04 November 2015.
This website is about gay news, commentary, arts, and entertainment, health, parenting, and politics. The advocate is the leading source for up to date and extensive LGBT news.
Advocate. Com is very informative; it talks about political issues and news related to the gay community, they even have their own magazine. They also talk about politics involving the gay community and have forums as well as Facebook, twitter, etc.
Its purpose is to keep the community informed and provides the readers with links of websites and information of different aid sources for their different necessities.

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