Scientific Literacy category of the General Education Program

this class about Scientific Literacy category of the General Education Program. Physics 100 presents basic principles of physics through descriptive and demonstrative techniques

i use this book Physics and Technology for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller

  1. (30 points) Give 3 examples of common scientific misconceptions in the general public that may cause people to reach incorrect conclusions on important public issues. You may use any topic we covered in the whole course except global warming (the next question is about that). List the misconceptions and the issues, and what the correct physics is. How do you think you could the minds of people with this misconception? Why is it important?
  2. (25 points) I think it’s safe to say that climate change is one of the primary issues in governance today. A lot of this is politics, problems that I don’t know how to solve, but let’s focus on the topic of this class: physics and technology.

a. Some say that global warming either isn’t happening, or is happening but isn’t affecting people in any appreciable way yet. Give 3 examples of ways in which global warming is already happening and describe the evidence for these examples.

    b. Some say that we lack the technology and scientific information to justify tackling global warming yet. Do you think that we have the technology and knowledge we need to tackle this problem and overcome it now? What do we, as a global society, need in technology and scientific knowledge, to be able to solve this problem (be as specific as you can)? Make sure you back up your arguments with facts from our reading and from what we discussed in class.

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