Sexual Diseases Among People & STD Discussion Questions

I understand that not everyone is as comfortable with talking about sexual health, so the next questions will be kept as light as possible to ensure that you’re education environment is positive.

1. In Chapter 10, many different birth control choices are presented. I’d like you to give your opinion with an explanation as to WHY you made this decision for each scenario presented below. Please use information from your textbook to help you out:
Scenario 1: Maria is a 20-year-old college student who has no desire to have children until she finishes grad school, but is in a healthy, happy relationship with her partner, Joe. They have been using condoms regularly, are STD negative, and do not have other sexual partners. What contraception method would you recommend for Maria? Why?
Scenario 2: Mark is a 26-year-old who loves life and his fiancee, Tisha. They have talked about children, and neither thinks they want to have children at all. Tisha takes birth control pills, but sometimes forgets. They’re both pretty good about condoms, but Mark is also wanting a different option to ensure he won’t become a father in his lifetime. What do you recommend Mark? Why?
Scenario 3: Ashley is a 32-year-old single woman who found out that the condom broke when she was having sex with her partner due to some dryness during sex. She is not on any hormonal contraception method. What do you recommend for Ashley? Why?
For your response, you do not need to include the lengthy above scenarios. Instead, use the beginning part of the question and fill in your recommendations below:
Scenario 1: Recommendations for Maria:
Scenario 2: Recommendations for Mark:
Scenario 3: Recommendations for Ashley:

2. Read through Ch. 11 (STD’s). What STD’s have you heard of growing up? In what ways (be clear and descriptive). Which STD’s are new, that you hadn’t heard of before? Thinking about how common STD’s are (1 in 4, depending on the statistics), why do you think it’s difficult for people to commit to using condoms EVERY time they have sex? What would you recommend people who aren’t good about using condoms?

3. Describe the usual sex patterns of people in your generation. How do they meet? How do they negotiate sex? Are there gender role patterns that emerge? When is contraception including condoms talked about, or is it? Who brings a condom, if used? How do people in your generation discuss pleasure? How can someone tell a partner what they want sexually? What are the do’s and don’t for proper sexual etiquette? Choose your own adventure for this question, touching upon whatever you feel is important to share with others.

4. Diabetes is all too common in the United States and worldwide – most cases are preventable. Have you ever known anyone with Diabetes? What did you notice about the impact of Diabetes on their life (treatments, lifestyles, etc.)? Obesity is one of the many risk factors for diabetes. For this question, I want you to first, 1) detail what diabetes IS and distinguish between the different types (use Chapter 12 to help you), 2) detail what the risk factors are for YOUR life (example: if you sit a lot, include a sedentary lifestyle. If you high blood pressure runs in your family, include that), 3) signs and symptoms of diabetes to be aware of, and 4) ways to detect diabetes (medically).

5. Chapter 12 goes into great detail about major diseases. You have two options for this question. Option 1: Detail a family member or friend who has had a major disease that’s listed in this chapter (aside from Diabetes). For full credit, give some information on their experiences before, during, and after with this condition, and use information from the text to help you. What could they have done to prevent the disease? What did they do to treat the disease (if applicable). Option 2: Which disease do you feel you’re most at risk for, or most concerned about after reading Chapter 12? What are the risk factors? What are things you can do to prevent major disease?

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