short essay on environment

I would say the second option is easier, if you do it, you can just BS what you are gonna “do”, please just have it at least 3-5 paragraphs 🙂

Lesson 1 Eco Credit

After watching the short film, An Inconvenient Truth gather further information (from books and websites you find) on the effects of global warming on weather, agriculture, forest ecosystems, water resources, coastal areas, and biodiversity. Choose the aspect of this issue that you would most like to share with others.

You may choose to do one of the following for eco-credit:

• Discuss the issues you are studying with friends and family. You may even want to bring this to a group discussion forum or write a letter to a government official as well as to the editor of your local newspaper. Share the discussion and reactions you encounter.

• Choose an action you can take related to global warming. Try it and evaluate whether it is the right type of service for you.

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