technical writing same last time but this time only do the Experimental Procedure: (Experimental Apparatus & Procedure )


Technical Content Technical content deals primarily with the Experimental Procedure, Results, and Discussion sections of your report. You must adequately describe how you obtained the data that you are reporting. With few exceptions, it is expected that you will consult other reference materials, e.g., textbooks, handbooks, etc., and this reference material will be discussed in your report. You must give sufficient information to ensure that someone could repeat your experiment and obtain similar results. ALL of your collected data should be presented in your report, ensuring that anyone could check your 3 calculations. Discuss your results and address any of the “Study Questions” or “Supplementary Questions” given with the laboratory handout. With few exceptions, your answers to the study or supplementary questions should be included in the Discussion section and/or in the Conclusion section and should not be attached as an Appendix. You should also provide pertinent

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