Systems Engineering Questions

  1. External interfaces are especially important during engineering design, integration and test. Using a new subway system as an example, list six types of external interfaces that will require your attention. Explain your answer.
  2. Define the terms “verification” and “validation”. Give two examples for each type of test and explain how they meet the definition of these terms.
  3. Considering the four methods of verifying requirements as discussed in class – Demonstration, Analysis, Inspection, and Test – describe what method you would use to verify a requirement that stated, “The software shall have no more that 4 failures in 10,000 hours of operation.” Why?
  4. How does a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) contribute to the system design and test planning/execution? What is the customer’s role in the T&E process?
  5. Requirements Management, Configuration Management and Risk Management are core Systems Engineering processes. Explain how Integration and Test activities relate to these core processes at key points in a products life cycle. Give examples.
  6. Describe the differences in objectives and operations between developmental test and evaluation and operational test and evaluation. Illustrate your points with an example of a lawn tractor
  7. Compare and contrast the Black Box and Structural software testing citing how it is used, advantages, and disadvantages. As the test lead why do you care what type of “box” testing will be used?
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