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Textbook: Insel, P. & Roth, W. (2015). Connect core concepts in health (14th Ed.). New York,

                             NY: McGraw-Hill Education


Target Behavior Assignment Overview

Purpose and Objective

The purpose of this assignment is to get serious about your health and begin making a lasting behavior change that will benefit your health. Over the time span of 12 weeks, you will complete 36-60 typed (or another media with permission) journal entries to document your behavior change on one target behavior. This translates to writing three to five journal entries per week.  

Each journal entry should be at least 300-500 words. In addition to describing aspects of your journey, you must answer questions posed on this folder with a minimum of two sentences each. All questions that must be answered will be found in the journals for this assignment.

The assignment is broken into parts to aid your behavior change process. Each part must be turned in by the date specified by the syllabus and via the corresponding “Part” drop box on Blackboard.

If you submit the part on time, you will receive credit for that part and feedback. The amount of credit you will receive will be determined by the part’s rubric. Your score will be counted in the 30% category of your grade.

Mandatory and Minimum Amount of Resources

When you submit your final Target Behavior Assignment, you should have at minimum:

  • (2) Books from reputable sources (i.e. textbooks based on research, etc.)
  • (1) Peer-Reviewed Journal articles

Submission and Due Date Requirement

  • All components of this assignment must be submitted via the journals in this folder on the specified due dates.
  • Students, however, can revise their responses if needed once submitted up until the year-end project due date. This may result in less credit due to not submitting the recommended amount of journals per week. 

Format Requirements

The final submission for the Target Behavior Assignment should adhere to the following:

  • APA Style format elements 

    • Typed, Double-Spaced on 8.5 x 11 paper with 1 margins on all sides

    • Times New Roman 12 point font

    • Title, Main Body and Reference Pages
  • APA Style Citations

Part III:

In this part of the assignment you will ensure your self-efficacy, solidify your locus of control, select your support and deal with barrier to change.

To do so, answer the following questions in three to five (300-500 word) journals:

  • Do you believe that you will be successful in changing your target behavior?
  • Do you have internal or external locus of control?
  • How will your locus of control affect your target behavior change?
    • If needed, how will you change your locus of control pattern throughout this process?
  • What two visualizations will you use to aid your behavior change?
  • What will you be like when you succeed in your behavior change?
  • What will you be like if you do notsucceed in your behavior change?
  • What three positive self-talk/internal dialogues will you say to yourself when defeating thoughts risk to derail your progress?
  • What one person will be your role model, support, or source of encouragement throughout the change?
  • What is your list of problems, triggers and challenges that you have faced in any previous behavior change?
    • These are your barriers to change.
  • In one to two sentences, how will you overcome each barrier or defeating trigger identified in the previous question?

Part IV:

In this part of the assignment, you will create a personal contract to outline the behavior change process. It will include your plan as well as SMART goals.

Therefore, submit one journal containing your personal contract with the following information:

  • A statement of your goal and your commitment to reaching it
  • The date you will start
  • The date you plan to reach your goal
  • The steps you will take to measure your progress
  • Specific steps you will take
  • (3) Mini-goals you will set
  • Rewards for the accomplishment of each mini goal
  • Overall reward for accomplishing target behavior
  • Three strategies you will use to  promote change
  • (2) tools that you will use to monitor your progress
  • Statement of how the witness will support the plan
  • Your signature agreeing to the plan
  •  Your witness’ signature attesting to their support, encouragement, and accountability

Note: Please refer to your textbook (p. 23) for an example of a behavior change contract


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