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Ten Annotated Bibliographies
Assignment 3: Written Annotated Bibliographies based on research questions Utilizing NGS provided template, students prepare 10 annotated bibliographies based on two research questions with a focus on theories and methodologies used by other advanced researchers in field of interest. Paper written utilizing APA guidelines.
The APA Assignment Format was established in Week 1. Your references should be related to Assignment 2.
Remember all references are double-spaced with a hanging indent.
Assignment 2 For Reference ONLY (Attached):
Assignment 2: Written Statement of Problem, Purpose, Questions, Significance of Research Students prepare 2-3 paragraphs each on statement of problem, purpose, on determining research questions, and significance of research study. Paper written utilizing APA guidelines. Assignment is due in NGS Digital Dropbox by Thursday of course Lesson 7.
Follow APA formatting instructions from Assignment 1. A paragraph consists of more than three related sentences. Support your Problem Statement with references.

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