The Entrepreneur I Most Resemble –

The Entrepreneur I Most Resemble
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I have written a few things about myself in the 8 factors and have chosen my entrepreneurs, you can write with your choice and elaborate on the points below as I have not done the aptitude test..
please be critical with the sources…
A bit more about me
-From Pakistan, Lived in the Middle East & Europe
-Grew up with a silver spoon
-Business Cultures that I admire, China, United Arab Emirates for their transformation over the years, USA for increasing entrepreneurship.
Important sources
1)Academic papers (Attachments)
2)Chosen entrepreneur ( high marks)
3)Textbook – Name is given in the attached files
8 factors ( describing my own entrepreneurship profile)
Entrepreneur theories
GALLOP ( leadership consulting)
34 key characteristics of a leader
Strengths based leader
Never found a leader with all characteristics
* Entrepreneurship
Compare GEM says this but the book says this
* What are entrepreneurs
* Chosen Entrepreneurs
James Caan,
Warren Buffet,
Steve Jobs: Aggressive vision
achieving what was impossible
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi from 1966 to 2004
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (Prime Minister Pakistan)
quality I can relate to,
The way he was building a team by uniting all the middle east
Also agressive, would not compromise on his vision
All above had very strong vision
* The 8 Factors & Comparison between myself and my entrepreneurs
• Factor 1: Goal orientation – tendencies toward creativity and innovation, degree of determination in reaching goals, and personal perception as to overall handling of work situations.
I like having goals and writing them down, or even my daily monthly tasks.
• Factor 2: Leadership – aptitudes toward management and leadership.
I am aggressive leader
Making bold decisions
but charm is very important also other wise I would be hated, it softens the aggressive side..
I dont like to do everything myself, I delegate work to who ever has the best skills…
• Factor 3: Adaptability – ability to perceive environmental change and adaptability.
I believe in the SMED PHILOSOPHY
I like change,
Dont want to be old fashion and stay in my comfort zone, want to move forward
• Factor 4: Need for achievement – the desire for fame, success and social affirmation and respect from others.
I don’t feel the need to impress others, I have big vision, to create an impact not just for my own self but for others too, and leaving a legacy, leaving something behind, life’s short, but would
not do any thing for others attention, for my own self fulfilment.
• Factor 5: Need for self-empowerment – the desire to realise oneself through one’s job which, apart from any economic goals, must be enjoyable, satisfying and interesting.
• Factor 6: Innovation – curiosity for what is new.
I like innovation,
• Factor 7: Flexibility – tendency to reorient one’s goals according to external
• Factor 8: Autonomy – necessity of having one’s own independent space to make decisions and choices.
I like have my own personal thinking time, quite time, reading, self reflection, analysing on my own mistakes, and mistakes of others.. or even my thought process involves if I were to do it how
would I do it.. or how could I do it better than them…
* National and economic
* Culture
* Personality
* leadership
* Innovation
difference between innovation and invention
* Conclusion

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