the features of Therapsids, journal entry help

It is now time to submit your unit journal entries. You should include all the journal entries you made in this unit. They include:

Journal: Transitional Groups
Journal: Teaching Evolution
Journal: Evolution In Action
Journal: Reproductive Isolation
Journal One: Evolution: Descent with Modification, page 4

Transitional Groups

Using information found on the Internet, describe the features of Therapsids that suggest this group was transitional to reptiles and mammals.

Journal Two:  Evolution: Descent with Modification, page 6

Teaching Evolution

Follow the link to read more about teaching evolution in the classroom. After you have read the information presented, consider this question: Is there a credible scientific theory that opposes evolution?

Journal Three: Evolution: Evolution and Genetics, page 2

Evolution in Action

Click here and write a summary of this online article. Focus on the question: Does this indicate evolution in action?

Journal 4: Evolution:  Evolution and Genetics, page 6

Reproductive Isolation

Consider the reproductive isolating mechanisms described above. Do any of these apply to human beings? Write a few paragraphs in your notebook on this topic.


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